students could cool off with wet towel s in classroom. they

students could cool off with wet towel s in classroom. they

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If you have a bag on your head, applying an ice pack to the affected area can relieve edema. If the head starts to bleed after being hit, press the wound with a clean towel to stop the bleeding, then go to the hospital to stitch up the wound and check for internal injuries. Within 24 hours of being injured, someone must accompany the injured person to ensure that the injured person is not in a coma and has no internal cranial injury.

When I was dressed, I went to the bathroom and woke up with a plate (tray) in each hand, with a heated steam towel, a toothbrush washed with toothpaste and a toothcup filled with water. I clicked the “start washing” button on the wake-up screen. When I woke up, I put aside the tray with towels, took the tray with my left hand, took off my toothbrush with my right hand, and began to brush it over my teeth repeatedly and regularly. “Ding Dong ~ the countdown to three minutes is up. Please pick up the water cup and gargle manually!” During my manual operation, I woke up to rinse the toothbrush, return to my position, and prepare a steam towel. “ask the host to take off the towel and apply it to his face for a minute!” In this minute, the towel can completely infiltrate the moisture that has been absorbed for a long time into my face, and can also absorb the secretions around my eyes and dirty skin.

Try to avoid going out in the most sunny time, especially in summer, when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest and the ability to harm the skin is higher! Buy as much sunscreen equipment as possible, such as sunscreen umbrellas, sunscreen clothing, sunscreen hats, sunscreen sleeves and so on. When you go out during the day, whether it is sunny or cloudy, you should wear sunscreen, and you have to put it in your bag and reapply it every three hours. The higher the sunscreen index, the better. Even when swimming and playing underwater, wear sunscreen and waterproof sunscreen! When exposed to the sun, cool the sunburned skin with aloe vera gel or towels.

students could cool off with wet towel s in classroom. they

Xie Hai Rui runs a barber shop near Zhongshan Road. Since the resumption of business, customers have come to him for a haircut every day. “We require customers to wear masks all the time, which makes it inconvenient for haircuts, but special treatment during special periods.” Xie Hairui also said that in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, he has come up with a whole set of methods: make an appointment in advance, bring his own towels, wash his hair at home, measure the temperature into the store, keep two meters away from customers in the store, and disinfect hair cutting tools one by one, and make every effort to ensure both resumption of work and epidemic prevention and safety.

A flat surface in a warm environment. For example, a bathroom terrace, a diaper change table or a sturdy bed can be used, or you can put the baby directly on the floor, as long as you spread a blanket or towel to make sure the surface is soft. Soft blankets, towels or pads. After spreading out, let the baby lie down.

Trachoma is a contact contagion, which is infected through direct contact with patients or indirect contact with towels, handkerchiefs, washbasins, etc., to prevent trachoma, we need to actively treat trachoma patients, and avoid contact with articles used by patients. strengthen disinfection in public places and avoid patients going to public swimming pools.

students could cool off with wet towel s in classroom. they

Just after washing your hair, do not directly take the hair dryer, because as mentioned above, the hair scales are in an open state, if you blow the hair directly, the hair scales will be damaged, and the hair will become more boring. The best way is to wrap the hair with a dry towel and gently press the towel so that it can absorb moisture in the hair until the hair is not dripping.

After that, Usham sprayed the screen, walked leisurely into the shower and took out a towel to wipe it. After this series of movements, Usham turned away and told the girl that he would come again.

Soak the towel in 200 ml of rice vinegar and put it in the washing machine to shake dry. The dirt is in the wall of the barrel in the washing machine, so that the rice vinegar can be sprayed evenly in the washing machine. Then leave the washing machine still for 1 hour and let the rice vinegar soften the dirt. Put baking soda into the water. Then set the washing machine to the highest level, then put the dissolved baking soda into it, turn off the washing machine after five minutes of operation, and then soak for another two hours. Finally, if you rinse twice more, you will OK. Be sure to do it twice, and the dirt can be simply removed. The fully automatic washing machine is to set N programs in advance for the whole process of washing (soaking-washing-rinsing-dehydration). When washing, choose one of them, turn on the faucet and turn on the switch of the washing machine, the whole process of washing will be completed automatically, and the buzzer will sound when the laundry is finished.

students could cool off with wet towel s in classroom. they

I met a lot of students who attended New Oriental classes in the 1990s. They are very happy to see me. Although they have only studied in New Oriental for a month or two, New Oriental has had a great impact on their lives. Especially in 1993, New Oriental put forward the school motto “looking for hope from despair, life will be brilliant”. When they encounter difficulties, they can always think of their struggle in New Oriental. They still remember the scene of sweating in summer in a classroom without air conditioning, when New Oriental pulled ice cubes into the classroom from the freezer so that students could cool off with wet towels in classroom. they still remember the feeling that they lit candles in a classroom of hundreds of people and seemed to light the light of their lives when the construction of their motherland was booming and electricity was always insufficient. It is this spirit and efforts that make generation after generation of students go to the New East, to the world, and return to the motherland.