carrying a metal-free eye patch or towel , handkerchief, etc., imagine

carrying a metal-free eye patch or towel , handkerchief, etc., imagine

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Adhesive tape, cosmetics and hot water bags should be banned. In order to prevent wet skin reaction in patients, soft towels should be dipped in warm water and gently wiped, and irritating washing and disinfectants should be prohibited.

Yanling mother leaned against the head of the hospital bed and looked at the picture of GE Shu Mengrui on the smartphone screen of Yanling Jiajun. She saw that GE Shu Mengrui was sitting on a small bench, wiping her feet with a pure white towel. GE Shu Mengrui had an angel-like warm smile on his face, without any expression of disdain for Yanling Jiazhi. Yanling Jiajun stood by the hospital bed and looked at her and said, “Jiazhi has a good eye.” I think this girl is good, Mom. What do you think? ”

In fact, if you have a detailed understanding of towels, you will know that there are a lot of bacteria in a towel in the bathroom, because the environment is humid, and it is easy to grow a large number of bacteria on the towels for a long time, but you are reluctant to change the towels at home. Using disposable face towels will not have this problem at all, throwing away after use does not give bacteria a chance to breed at all, and the price of Youkeshu face towels is not high, so you can buy some for a long time.

Daily my family to swim, rowing is also the first choice for children, swimming itself has to carry towels, swimming caps, goggles, moodytiger clothes average weight of only about 50 grams, is absolutely the best choice for swimming equipment, and rolled up is only the size of an environmentally friendly bag, does not take up much space The child is installed every time, at the same time, it also has the characteristics of fast drying, even if it is accidentally wet within two hours, it will be very secure and convenient.

Zhang Xiuping suggested: patients should inform the radiology doctor in advance of their medical history, and the doctor will conduct psychological counseling according to the situation, and pay more attention to monitoring your pulse and breathing, and will also pay attention to meet your reasonable needs throughout the examination; patients should be psychologically prepared before the examination to understand that noise and heat production during the examination are normal phenomena. After entering the examination room, you can ask the doctor to do appropriate posture adjustment within the scope of the scan, such as choosing to enter first, leaving the head outside the machine, or carrying a metal-free eye patch or towel, handkerchief, etc., imagine sleeping at home to reduce psychological pressure. During the examination, the patient will hold the airbag in hand, which is a way to communicate with the doctor. Any discomfort outside the scope of the examination can be pressed by the patient, and the doctor will appear at the first time.

The bottom end is equipped with led light strips to enhance the lighting and texture of the bathroom. The pure cotton towel hanging pole on the wall has a built-in drying effect, which can be wrapped by warm towels after taking a bath in winter,

3, repeated application of sunscreen: sweating or towel wiping will reduce the sunscreen effect, repeated application is not to get new protection, but to maintain sunscreen effect? Any health care products, or even just water, as long as they are covered with sunscreen will affect the function of sunscreen, so you must apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating.

Wash your face less than 2 times a day, just use warm water. After washing your face, use a soft towel to dry the residual moisture on your face, and then apply a small amount of moisturizer to your baby.

carrying a metal-free eye patch or towel , handkerchief, etc., imagine

Do not use wet towels in winter, you can use soft towels dipped in warm water to wipe, at the same time in summer in air-conditioned rooms also try to use wet towels, faster volatilization will also cause the baby to catch cold or diarrhea. After wiping with a wet towel, dry it with a towel as soon as possible, and then moisturize it in time.