passive exercise, swimming, baby diapers, clothes, towel s, bottles and other

passive exercise, swimming, baby diapers, clothes, towel s, bottles and other

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I love the baby very much, work carefully, and have rich experience in neonatal nursing. I took care of dozens of babies in the hospital in 2018, began to take care of my sister-in-law at home in 2019, continued to study in the company in 2021, and passed the skill test. I have been receiving orders in the hospital ever since. Learned the knowledge of professional nursing of pregnant women and newborns! The cleaning, disinfection and finishing of scientific feeding and auxiliary feeding, water feeding, bathing, cleaning, touching, passive exercise, swimming, baby diapers, clothes, towels, bottles and other supplies according to the actual situation, to help mothers solve breast pain, less milk, milk blockage and other problems, experience is very rich. Employer feedback is constantly well received!

Or, for example, on the following page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying woman to dry her tears. Such a simple picture tells a story and leads to four Chinese characters. Children can learn Chinese characters by telling stories with their parents.

passive exercise, swimming, baby diapers, clothes, towel s, bottles and other

Demand 4: home floor heating is water heating, wall-mounted stove, you can consider adding the front; if you are rich, please add a set of central net, central soft. The effect of washing and bathing is obvious (with the same brand of household products, you will find different foam richness, cleanliness of clothes and softness of towels).

It is worth mentioning that his bathroom is also equipped with electric towel rack, intelligent toilet, toilet spray gun and so on. I will not introduce them one by one. Today, I will mainly talk about toilet spray gun:

Use a hot towel on the nipple, after the nipple will come out some, and then feed the baby can be directly sucked out. You can also use a milk aspirator for 1 minute at a time, 4 times a day.

When she first arrived at the hospital, President Zhang Weihua was afraid of the inconvenience of her transportation, so he arranged for colleagues on her way to take her to and from work every day, and prepared a full range of work and daily necessities for her in her office and dormitory, as small as a notebook, a washbasin, towels and so on. President Zhang Weihua is very careful, even if he says a word casually, he will keep it in mind and solve it at the first time, which makes Xing Yanmin remember deeply.

First of all, all teachers and students carry out fire evacuation drills. With the sound of the fire warning signal, the drill officially began. After hearing the alarm, the teacher on duty on each floor quickly organized the students to evacuate. The students ran out of the teaching building quickly under the guidance of the teacher. In the process of escape, the students covered their noses and mouths with handkerchiefs and towels and bent down for less than 3 minutes. More than 100 teachers and students were safely evacuated to the playground in front of the teaching building from the three safety exits of the teaching building and called the roll. The fire safety evacuation escape exercise was a complete success.