entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towel s and mouth cups

entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towel s and mouth cups

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Step 5: Squeeze & Shape – Once clean, gently squeeze out any excess water from the bristles, reshaping them back to their original form. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, as this can cause damage. Lay your brushes flat on a clean towel to air-dry naturally.

The hotel is located on the mountain, there is a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my male friends and I like it very much, the reception of our little brother service attitude is super good, when checking in to provide us with ice towels and cold drinks (containers are silver, really want to boast Thai cold drinks, really is the most variety in the world, the best drink ) The little brother who received us squatted down patiently to explain to us all the leisure areas and precautions of the hotel, and the luggage also helped us to mention the room. It is convenient to have a refrigerator in the room, and the hotel has special BBQ and limited afternoon tea every day, both of which are very cheap. Breakfast is also very rich, Chinese style, Thai style, Western style can be satisfied.

Do a good job of preventive disinfection, regularly clean and disinfect toys, water cups, towels, tableware and other objects, regularly wipe and disinfect the surfaces of activity rooms, dormitories, classrooms, door handles, stair handrails, desktops, etc., clean and disinfect the toilet every day.

Combined with the new health care system, we conscientiously do a good job in morning check, check and check, do a good job in taking medicine for young children, and carefully check the name, drug name, dosage and time of taking it, so as not to cause harm to young children; put an end to the epidemic and spread of infectious diseases, isolate immediately after discovery, and persist in ultraviolet disinfection every week in order to reduce the infection rate; put in place a good sanitary disinfection system to prevent the disease from entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towels and mouth cups every day, wipe the easy-to-touch places of children with disinfectant: piano, tape recorder, table, corner cabinet, etc., disinfect toys once a week, expose books once a week, change pillowcases every half a month, and timely expose bedding once a month; and cooperate with health care doctors to do a good job of physical examination to make children grow up healthily and happily. This is a model summary of the middle class in kindergarten.

entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towel s and mouth cups

3. Cystine scalding potion works only at a temperature of 42 degrees, so it must be heated properly. Normal healthy rough hair for 15 minutes and fine soft hair for 10 minutes. After heating, you must wait for the hair to cool completely, then rinse the No. 1 agent on the hair with warm water, then use towels or paper towels to dry the water on the lever, and then set the No. 2 agent. This minimizes damage and achieves very good flexibility and durability.

Bathroom heating products, it often appears in the scene of new house decoration, old house renovation, daily purchase of small household appliances, when it is consumed in the decoration scene, the main buyer is male, he will pay attention to the heating performance and quality of the product itself. And when he takes into account the needs of his wife, the elderly, and children, selling points such as drying towels, sterilization, and the floor after the drying bath are not easy to slip and fall will also enter his field of vision. In particular, when there are children among the users, then the buyers will be mainly women, and Nuanba will be more attractive than the traditional Yuba, which is not easy to damage the retina. In addition, when the user is the elderly, B-end users such as apartments for the elderly are also likely to become buyers.

Prepare all your personal belongings before swimming, store them independently before swimming, and be careful with public goods such as towels, stools, lockers, etc.

7. Attendants do good hand hygiene (frequently wash hands or use hand disinfectant at the door of the ward), obey the arrangement of medical staff, do not sit or lie in hospital beds, do not string hospital rooms, take fewer elevators, and do not share towels, water cups and other items with others.

entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towel s and mouth cups

At 2 p.m., the alarm sounded and the fire moved quickly. The teachers immediately arrived at the designated posts to guide the students in the building to evacuate quickly. The teachers of each class led the students to bend over, cover their mouths and noses with wet towels, quickly escape along the designated staircase of the school, and evacuate to the safe area of the school playground in an orderly manner. Then the head teacher counted the number of people, and reported layer by layer that all the teachers and students of the school had been safely evacuated, and the whole fire drill activity took a short time and was fast, which achieved the expected goal.