injured limb was wrapped in a towel , and the blood

injured limb was wrapped in a towel , and the blood

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According to the arrangement of the leaders of the garden, the children will adapt for two days in batches. The first day is for parents and children. in the morning and afternoon, more than a dozen parents bring their babies to adapt and are familiar with the class environment, teacups, bathrooms, bedrooms, towels and so on. at the same time, we provide all kinds of handmade materials and organize parent-child activities “family photo frame”. These family photos are finally displayed on the class wall so that children can have a look when they want their parents. Later, when the children got used to it, I found that many children got up drinking water while pointing to their family photos and told their friends: that is my father and mother, with happy smiles on their faces.

For small spaces such as bathrooms, it is not easy to keep daily dryness. In particular, commonly used towels, wet hanging on the towel rack, often emit an unpleasant smell, want to be dry? Really hard! And the towel rack that most people use is stainless steel, and many people put the towel rack on the toilet to make it easy to use, but the toilet itself is a place to hide dirt and breed bacteria. putting towels on the toilet not only absorbs more bacteria, but also spreads to our faces.

Because the baby was born in winter, I specially chose a good day. Have a good lunch, stand by the bed and find good clothes and sit and wait. The bathroom put the heater ahead of time, and my sister-in-law boiled a pot of moxa leaf water to get rid of the damp and cold. I just brought a hairdryer and clothes and towels.

injured limb was wrapped in a towel , and the blood

Vinegar egg hair method is also very effective, the specific method is to add a small amount of egg whites to the shampoo, gently press the scalp and rinse clean. Then mix the egg yolk with a small amount of vinegar and spread it to each hair as far as possible, then wrap it in a hot towel and rinse for an hour. Vinegar can make hair control oil more flexible, eggs contain protein and other nutrients, the combination of the two can double the growth rate of hair.

[props] if you want to take a beautiful photo by the way, in addition to basic items such as picnic cloth, moisture mat, tableware, garbage bags, paper towels, etc., you can appropriately bring picnic baskets, flowers, hats, mirrors, bubble machines and other photo decorations

Zou Fan, an attending physician in the sixth Department of Orthopaedics, Dongguan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, recalled the scene still fresh in his memory: “as soon as the patient came up, the ground was covered with blood, and the injured limb was wrapped in a towel, and the blood was soaked.” Although the emergency department also made emergency treatment accordingly, put on a tourniquet, but the amount of blood loss is still relatively large. ”